Scheduled Reviews


Ducktales: Ducktales will now be reviewed on a seasonal basis.

Mysticons: Since the show has lost most of its traction, if it ever had any, I will no longer be reviewing it in episodic format. As of now, I am about 45 episodes behind, so I will write a review for the series as a whole when I get around to completing it.

Old film reviews will be done at my whim, after watching them.

New film reviews will be done for every movie I manage to see as close to when I see them as possible. No guarantees on which movies I will see, but you can expect reviews for most superhero films.

Comic Book reviews will be done rarely and only when I feel a comic is worth talking about.

Toy Reviews will be mostly done at whim.

Disney Parks related reviews will be done at whim. Since they have gained a lot of traction recently, I will be uploading more than originally intended.