Mysticons Episode 19 Review

Mysticons Episode 19 Review

Mysticons Episode 19: “Through My Enemy’s Eyes” Review

By. Andrew

This episode marks the return of Tazma, a character we have not see for quite some time. Being one of my favorites, I am very excited to see what she brings to the table this time!

The episode opens with Necrafa already losing her patience with Tazma, about to send her to the same fate as Dreadbane. Lucky for Tazma, she was able to convince Necrafa to spare her after sharing a secret she heard as a child in the Astromancer academy (young Tazma is adorable, by the way). After Tazma infiltrates the Astromancers and retrieves the information about this mysterious “prophecy,” the Mysticons are forced to chase her down, which lands them up in Necrafa’s hideout. Necrafa forces Tazma to enter the portal to the dimension where she was imprisoned, in order to complete her task, so the Mysticons must follower her into the portal to stop her and retrieve the lost Codex before she does!

This episode was nothing short of the best of the best for Mysticons. Tazma and the Mysticons were put in a very arduous environment, on a difficult journey. During the journey, they are haunted by mirages. Some are funny, like Zarya and Em’s, but Tazma’s was a very interesting character study that added a lot of depth to her. I will discuss it more in the spoiler section, but Dreadbane was beyond amazing in this episode, very good decisions with him.

As far as flaws, I really don’t have any. The show gets a little too goofy for my liking sometimes, but that just seems to be the direction this series wants to go, and I can deal with it since I enjoy the rest of the show so much.

Overall, this was a great prelude to the finale, which I am now very excited for! I hope the show decides to make difficult and serious decisions in the season’s conclusion, and I hope Necrafa becomes more of a threat, since she is pretty easily defeated every time she has shown up so far.

Score: 10/10

Spoiler Talk:

Dreadbane, oh man. When he first showed up, I assumed (and hoped) he would have turned over a new leaf after being betrayed. It turns out he has amnesia instead. We got to see a very goofy side of him, but also a caring side that I can easily see developing further later on. I love how Arkayna is unwilling to trust him, after all she went through by his hand. I am going to predict that he dies in the next episode, probably by saving Arkayna from Necrafa. He will fall a hero, something he never was in life or death. If that proves true, I will consider his arc the single greatest thing from Mysticons to date.


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