Mysticons Episode 16 Review

Mysticons Episode 16 Review

Mysticons Episode 16: “Gems of the Past” Review

By Andrew

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back in action and reviewing these episodes of Mysticons. The previous episode concluded the conflict of Arkayna’s statue parents being lost in the sea, and this new episode takes the girls back to Drake City, with a focus on Gawayne (yay…). How does the episode fare?

The episode opens with a nice projection of the previous Mysticon Dragon Mage battling Necrafa, which is quickly revealed to not be a real flashback. The tour guide and the tourists are mostly (if not entirely) reused characters from previous episodes. Most were fine but using the mall cop goblin as a tour guide is just kind of lazy, unless they plan to make this guy a recurring joke, which currently isn’t very funny. Despite being fake, Necrafa herself does make an appearance, threatening the Undercity kid and then stealing two gems from the ground.

The whole gem collecting aspect has been done many times, but reminds me a lot of Thanos collecting the infinity stones in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe, so I liked seeing that little reference here.

Quick very bad error I noticed early on was during the news report where Nova Terron declares the girls outlaws. As he is going through the “crimes” they have committed, one of the scenes is when Piper’s glumlump became a crisis. Not only is the footage impossible for Terron to have gotten, since it’s in their secret base, the report clearly shows the Mysticons OUT OF THEIR OUTFITS! This mistake is pretty massive, since the girls would assumably not have secret identities anymore. It’s unlikely this was intentional, and I’m a little disappointed that such a flaw could slip past everyone in production.

Despite being called outlaws, the girls still begin to investigate the return of Necrafa, which confirms that Barnabas did switch jobs (and will assumably switch again), so I’m going to call now that he becomes a recurring joke.

This episode is a race for the girls to find the last two gems before Necrafa does, while also avoiding the Astromancers who want to arrest them.

This was a great episode, with constant movement and no down time whatsoever. It felt like a 5 minutes short when in reality it was a full length episode. I love seeing the girls in a position where they should hide, but they don’t, because they are heroes. The action was great, the sets were all previous existing ones but cool nonetheless, and the episode really showed how the people think about the Mysticons.

Spoilers ahead in flaws:

As far as flaws, besides that major error I mentioned earlier, I was a little disappointed that the conflict was resolved so quickly. I would have liked this outlaw story to continue for a while, or even be the end of the season and pick up next season. I also would have liked to see Necrafa succeed, since she was made out to be such a threat, but has only ever lost and retreated so far in the series.

Overall, this was another great episode and I cannot wait to finish the next few and wrap up the season! Oh, and I loved seeing the little elf girl again. I hope she becomes a recurring presence, since I kind of equate her to a mascot of the show, only because she was in the first few commercials of the series. What would be really cool is if she became a Mysticon herself, maybe when she’s a little older.

Score: 7/10


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