Big Hero 6: The Series [Pilot] Review

Big Hero 6: The Series [Pilot] Review

Big Hero 6: The Series: Baymax Returns [Pilot] Review

By. Andrew

We finally have the pilot to a series I have been anticipating since before it was even announced! Big Hero 6 was the perfect IP to make a tv series for, and with my love for the new Ducktales and Tangled series, this show was hype city for me! Here’s what I think of the first episode:

So the episode takes place a bit before the final scene of the first movie. Baymax has not been rebuilt yet, and we are given a much more detailed look at how Baymax was actually rebuilt and what went down before he was complete.

This episode contains EXACTLY what I wanted from this series. The cast is great and fun, despite being some replaced voice actors. In fact, everyone is the same

besides Wasabi and Fred, but you can barely notice Fred.

I think the best decision for the show was to be animated in the style it was. I can’t really explain what it was going for, but it looks so good and fits the show perfectly! The action is great, the characters look great, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. There are many instances when the backgrounds look like paintings and it is simply breathtaking.

I don’t want to give too many details on the plot because I avoided tv spots and went in completely blind, but I will say that the first half of the episode takes place before Baymax is rebuilt, and the second half is what happened immediately after. It does fit in with the timeline of the movie and the two meld together in a cohesive canon. Unlike some of the episodes for Tangled, I do believe this as a sequel to the movie. But where Tangled takes place between the movie and the wedding short, this is just a sequel. For this reason, I truly hope that this does not squander the chances of a second film.

As far as flaws, a few jokes fall flat and the new dean of the school is pretty bland right now, but has potential.

My hopes for the future of this show is that it has a really storyline and not just a new villain every week. I also would like to see some of the other Big Hero 6 comic book characters show up. Apparently, two of the original characters were X-Men. Now that Disney owns X-Men, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them show up when the deal is finally completed. I also hope the show leaves the door open for a second movie, since I would be very disappointed if this is the end for Big Hero 6, even if it goes on for many years.

Overall, this is a great pilot episode and I hope the series continues to be as good. I have high hopes for the series and I expect it to be as amazing as Ducktales is right now. I highly recommend this episode and that you follow the series when it starts up!

Score: 9/10


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