Disney World Food I Wish I Was Eating Right Now

Disney World Food I Wish I Was Eating Right Now

Disney World Food I Wish I was Eating right Now

By. Andrew

Not a movie, TV show or toy review, apologies for my lull lately. But since I haven’t had much time for entertainment, I thought I would give some manner of content as best I can, and as enjoyable as possible. So, enjoy!

I have been eating absolute garbage lately, being a college student and being subjected to the barely passable trash they serve on campus! Being in such a position, I cannot help but think about the food I really wish I was eating right now. At the same time, I can’t help but think about where I would rather be than in classes taking tests, Disney World! So here’s a list of food from Disney World that I would love to be chowing down on right about now. This, of course, is opinionated and subjective, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. This is going to be a pretty laid back “review,” more like a rant if anything! I’ll go down 10 food items in Disney, ranging from simple snacks to full on sit-down meals.

Food #10: Baked Mac & Cheese

Starting off the list is a good item that has been heavily recommended to me by sources such as Disney Food Blog on YouTube, but I have yet to eat it myself. This snack item (yeah it’s not even considered a meal) is available at the Eight Spoon Cafe, which is a little stand you’ve probably walked past a million times in Animal Kingdom and assumed it was some common stand that sells Mickey pretzels and Coke. The Mac comes as either basic, Pulled Pork and BBQ sauce, or Shrimp and Spicy Chili sauce. They all look absolutely amazing and my mouth waters every time I hear about them. I recently ate some Mac & Cheese at my school cafeteria that made Box Kraft Mac seem like gourmet eats, so you can imagine how much I would rather be devouring one of these bowls right about now!

Food #9: Dole Whip

A Disney World classic and a fan favorite, the Dole Whip is proudly sold at the stand right next to the Enchanted Tiki Room in the Magic Kingdom. These things are just incredible, even though I can never finish the whole cup! They are served as a soft serve cup, a soft serve on top of pineapple juice, or the new option: as a soft serve on top of a cake! I have yet to try the cake but it looks absolutely decadent. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had something remotely sweet, so I would kill to get a Dole Whip…

Food #8: Bread and Butter from Be Our Guest

Yeah I’m really craving the bread they throw on your table before your appetizer, sue me. Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom takes that unlimited bread and butter to a whole different level. This stuff isn’t just warm rolls that taste like every religion’s form of Heaven mixed into one, they also use homemade, fresh salted butter as a topping. This stuff is actually amazing, and you’ll probably want to order light from the menu since you’re going to have to treat yourself to at least 4 rolls smothered in the butter that we mere mortals simply don’t deserve.

Food #7: Fried Calamari

Last time I went to Disney World, I’m pretty sure I had Calamari as an appetizer three times. They do a damn good job on their fried squid. All three were very good, that being Mama Melrose’s in Hollywood Studios, and both sit down Italian restaurants in Italy of Epcot. The Italy restaurants served the Calamari with a side of spicy marinara sauce, while Mama Melrose decided to treat you like royalty and roll out like 3 different dips for the squid. My school doesn’t sell Calamari, but if it did, I’d probably get food poisoning from it.

Food #6 : Ice Cream

There’s ice cream all over Disney, but nothing compares to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the end of Main Street just as you edge closer to the Castle. Take a second to look away from its magnificence and bank right into the parlor. Everyone loves the warm cookie sandwich with your choice of ice cream. Since I have a peanut allergy, I always play it safe and get a waffle bowl instead. The ice cream is delicious, the hot fudge is scalding so you know that’s amazing, and the waffle bowl is soft and fluffy, not some hard tack you can buy in Wal-Mart. But before you hit this place, you might want to hit #5…

Food #5: Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner hot dogs, to be precise. You may be thinking, how do you screw up a hot dog? Well, my school has figured out a way. Casey’s will never let you down, though, and goes and step beyond by coming up with a ridiculous amount of topping options for your frankfurter. The best (and messiest) would have to be the Mac & Cheese with bacon topping. No further comments, just go get it.

Food #4: Black Angus Rib-Eye

Le Cellier is the only reason to not run past Canada in Epcot and features some of the best steak on property. The best, in my opinion, is a nice rib eye smothered in maple butter. Canadians really love their Maple Syrup, this does not disappoint! Just be ready to lighten your pockets when you go here, this stuff ain’t cheap.

Food #3: “Our Tavern Keeper’s Favorite”

Liberty Tree Tavern was one of those restaurants that faded into the background for me, until I tried it. This dish is a fantastic pot roast that will put your mom’s to shame (no offense, Mom). It’s warm, cozy, and makes you feel like you’re about to declare independence from the British and throw boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor!

Food #2: Elephant Ear Pastry

Why is this so high on the list? Well, it’s because I forgot about it up until this point. But really, this thing is awesome. It’s sold in a few locations around Animal Kingdom and is a fluffy, airy pastry dipped in a sweet glaze and tipped with chocolate. It’s a great breakfast food or something to eat on the go. It’s kinda big though, so give yourself time before running to a ride.

Food #1: Night Blossom

(The only picture I actually took!)

Oh man, this stuff. The new Avatar: World of Pandora has SO MUCH incredible stuff to offer. One, in particular, is a drink called Night Blossom. This thing is a super sweet frozen drink that tastes like apple and lime, topped with fruity Boba balls. It’s amazing, and I want it more than anything right now. It’s a drink, but it’s still a snack item by Disney standards so I will not consider it cheating on the list!

I was hoping this list would make me feel better about the horrible food I’m subjected to, but it honestly made me more depressed! Can I go to Disney now?

Disclaimer: most images were taken from google. I made sure that each one had a watermark from the source. I give all credit for those images to those sources and highly recommend you read their more in-depth reviews. This post is more of a fun rant and should only be used to spark interest and get you to want to read more into the quality of these foods.


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