Toy Review: Mysticons Piper

Toy Review: Mysticons Piper

“ Mysticons Striker 6.5” Doll- Piper Willowbrook” Toy Review 
By. Andrew

The Mysticon toys have finally dropped, and I went ahead and picked up Piper as soon as I could! I’ve been waiting for these figures since episode one, so I was so excited to check one out and determine its worth. 

First, let’s check out the box. 

The box is a full window display, giving you a perfect view of the figure. There were about 5 Piper’s on the shelf at my Toys R Us, and I’m happy to say that they all looked great. I’m so used to inspecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures looking for paint splotches and scratches, so I was so glad to see not a single mark on these figures! The background art of the city is beautiful, and the image of Piper looks great. 

The back gives you a picture of the figure inside, as well as a few others in the line. Just like the pamphlet within, Tazma is on the back, meaning she is definitely on the way soon. Below the Mysticons logo is a little synopsis of the series, and below Piper is a biography on her. The biography is… really inaccurate. As stated in episode 11, Piper is 110 years old, not 10. It also says she always carries a plushie around with her, though I’ve yet to see her with a single plush outside of her room. Below the biography is an ad for the new app, informing you that the trading card inside has a code for the game. More on that later. 

Packaging: 9/10

Now let’s open this thing and take a look at what’s inside. First, the card:

The card itself is the same as the Arkayna one I got from New York Comic Con (check out my Mysticon toy analysis), but it has a QR code on the back for the app. The art on the card is nice, but the card overall is really cheaply made. Compared to your typical trading card (Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, Magic), these are garbage. Also included is the pamphlet of future products. I already went in-depth on this in my analysis of the toys, so I won’t break it down again. Since it is heavily advertised on the box, I have to be critical about it. 

Trading Card: 4/10

Now for the main event: Mysticon Striker!

Piper looks great, just great. No paint splotches, no nicks, no bending or warped plastic, she looks perfect. Well, almost perfect. The most prominent flaw I noticed is the lack of paint in some spots. Her hair is missing the orange tips on the tails, and the gold loops are missing. Her hair is all solid red. Her scarf is also missing the orange on the inside. The Mysticon belt buckle is also unpainted, and a few detailings on the legs are missing. So the trade-off for not paint splotches is, well, a lack of paint! These flaws aside, the figure still looks fantastic. The proportions are perfect, she has a glossy look, the colors are vibrant and whimsical. In my opinion, this figure’s appearance is a win.

Appearance: 8/10

Now onto articulation:

 Piper has a pretty above-average range of motion. Her head is on a ball joint and can move in just about every way you would want it to. Her shoulders have a full 360 degree motion and can move the arms in and out. The elbows can bend in and out as well, along with a swivel. The hands are pretty limited, only going up and down, but the elbows can mostly make up for their shortcomings. No torso movement at all. The legs are pretty limited thanks to both their molding and the belt that goes down the legs a bit. The knees can bend in and out, and the feet cannot be moved at all. Don’t expect Piper to sit, kneel, or even recreate her iconic pose. The legs kind of ruin the articulation positives, but you can still get a lot more out of this figure than most figures in this price range. 

Articulation: 7/10

Now onto the accessories: 

The accessories are pretty limited for the Mysticons. Piper includes 3: a Plushie, her hoop, and her Phoenix Band from the Codex Piece. 

The Phoenix Band is pretty great looking. It makes for a great detail on Piper and helped create my personal favorite poses. The only issue with the band is how soft the plastic is. The band rolls around on her slender arm often spins upside down. This makes it easy to take on and off her arm, but posing with it is a pain. Pushing it to the back of the forearm, closer to the elbow, helps keep it steady. 


The hoop is… terrible. It’s so soft that it’s all warped and bent before even leaving the box. The tassels are unpainted and the plastic is too stiff for them to wave around in any way. It’s also puny, being completely inaccurate to the hoops Piper uses in the series. Being her signature weapon, it’s a shame how bad this is. I won’t even be using it in the display I keep her posed in on my shelf. 


Finally, the Plushie.

So let’s start with a question: what the heck is this? I don’t recognize this thing at all, it’s certainly nothing significant to Piper… and why is it see through? It feels like a waste of space, maybe to help get this figure to a $10 value? I would have much preferred a small version of a Phoenix to have Piper unleash from her arm. I know Arkayna has a dragon. 


This pose took me a few minutes to pull off because this thing is just so heavy! Piper’s arms kept giving out and letting this thing fall to the ground. Posing with Piper is futile, unless you just stand it next to her leg. Such a shame. 

Piper also has pretty loose hands, making the hoop roll around in her hand, which makes holding it pretty difficult. This does, however, allow Piper to hold some accessories from other toys, like this lightsaber from the Black Series Kanan figure: 

“May the Mysticon be with you!”

Accessories Overall: 4/10

And last, but not least, poseability:

“Fly, Phoenix, Fly!”

With Piper’s good range of motion, you can get some pretty good poses out of her. Unfortunately, standing her up can be tedious. I’ve had Piper on my shelf for about 3 hours now and she randomly decided to fall forward. No shaking, nothing, she just fell. Legs together is not going to happen, you really only have two or three ways to put the legs that will let her stand up on her own. If you have a stand with clasps, which go for about $8 on Amazon, you can probably do a lot more with her. 

Poseability: 7/10

Overall, Piper is a pretty great figure. If you can get her to stand, you can get some great poses with her. Don’t expect something in the Figma or S.H. Figuart quality range, but I would say it’s close to the TMNT figures currently circulated. Appearance is great, articulation is good, but the accessories suck. The ultimate question: is it worth $10? I say yes, $10 is a good price for Piper. Since it is hard to stand her on her own, I would say investing another $14 and getting a Mysticon with her Griffin is a good idea. But if you have limited shelf space, and can get your hands on a cheap stand, she looks great on her own. Will I be buying all the Mysticons? Eventually. I’ll probably wait for some kind of sale, maybe buy 1 get 1 half off, and I’ll probably get at least one Griffin just to review it. 

Final Score: 8/10

Hey, it’s me on a card! I’m famous!” 

Also, I wanted to say that I am planning to do a small review of the Mysticons app eventually, when I get a bit further into it. But I wanted to give you fair warning that this figure is not worth buying if you want the bonus in the game. The card will get you a basic potion and 500 coins (chump change). It also appears that you can only scan one of each card, since there are 5 codes to scan (4 Mysticons and Tazma), so buying another Piper or getting the Griffin set for the same Mysticon will not get you more of the reward, as far as I can tell. 

And now for something I stumbled on while researching for this review: a little typo that may suggest future figures.

So it’s a picture of Em, but says Necrafa? The toy is “out of stock” and I can confirm that my store did not have any Necrafa figures, or Tazma for that matter. I can’t imagine Toys R Us knowing the name Necrafa without being told, so I’m assuming a Necrafa figure is going to be in wave 2 with Tazma. Hopefully Dreadbane is coming too! 

Finally, I did play around with the Choko plush while at the store. He’s really small, but very soft and squishy. I would say he is definitely worth the $8 if you love Choko or plushes in general! 


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