RWBY Figures Review 

RWBY Figures Review 

With the premiere of RWBY Volume 5 last Saturday, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the RWBY merchandise available right now. This will be a review of my current collection, so I won’t be able to speak for the merchandise I do not have, such as the incredible looking Threezero figures. 

There’ll be no rest, there’ll be no love, there’ll be no figure in the end who will rise above.

Let’s start with a look at the Mystery Figures by Jazzwares. These figures are about $6 each, with 11 different characters to collect. 

First, Ruby Rose herself:

For the price, this is a pretty decent figure. She’s very cute and stands pretty well on her own. The biggest problem I have with this figure, and all the others of this line, are the terrible paint splotches all over them. There’s nothing worse than a bad paint mark on a figure, and these little guys are covered in them. I’ve tried scraping the paint off, even using rubbing alcohol, and the marks just won’t come off. It’s a real shame. Just to be clear, I bought all 3 of these figures yesterday, so you can be assured that this is not a result of shelf wear. 

Next, Blake Belladonna: 

Blake is probably the worst of my collection because her eyes are completely off! Paint splotches are bad enough, but this one is just a mess. The design itself is nice, and she does stand on her own pretty well. 

Finally, Sun Wukong: 

Sun is considered a “rare” character in the line, so you would expect him to be fairly better in quality. He is definitely more detailed than the others, and has less paint marks than the others. The problem with this figure is that he cannot stand on his own at all! His head is too big, making him top-heavy. 

Overall, these are fine if you want cheap figures, but don’t expect anything too special. 

Score: 4/10

Next up are the Vinyl figures, also from Jazzwares. These figure are usually $12 and are a basically larger versions of the mystery figures. Because of the size and price increase, they are much better quality. 

All of them are pretty good. Their heads can move a bit on a swivel, but no articulation beyond that. Besides Ruby, they all use their hair to keep them standing. That being said, they do fall on their faces pretty easily, especially Blake. One strange thing I wanted to note is this weird oil that was on Yang’s hair when I took her out of the box. Whenever I touched the hair, there was this greasy feeling on my fingers. Besides that, I would recommend these figures for their price, design, and being the perfect size for desk display. 

Score: 7/10

And finally, the McFarlane figures. These figures are static statues in normal proportions, not chibi, and are $35 each. This is probably the best line for the price value and quality, but are much larger than the chibi ones and can be difficult to display. I only have one, Ruby. 

I am very happy with this figure. The pose is incredible, the stand is great and keeps her from falling over. You even can remove the scythe tip to make it her gun (it doesn’t look nearly as good). The paint quality is really good, though the face looks a little grainy. The trade-off with this figure is how big she is. The cape is huge and flowing upward, making it take up a lot of space, and the scythe juts forward quite a bit. It looks fantastic, but makes for a difficult display for those of us who have limited shelf space! 

Score: 9/10

Overall, there are plenty of RWBY figures to choose from, but they could be so much better. Being an anime-style series, I would love to see some Goodsmile Company figures down the line, especially Figma and Nendoroids. Not that it should be a surprise, but the quality goes up with the price. The more you are willing to spend, the better the figure you will get. I am still very disappointed with the paint errors on the smaller figures, that sort of thing should be quality controlled. As far as I’m concerned, those figures are damaged. The McFarlane figures have a big roster too, so don’t feel like the mystery figures are the only way to get characters beyond the main four. They even have Emerald, which is awesome!In the end, if you’re like me and frequently buy Japanese figures, you’re going to be disappointed with these no matter what. Let’s just hope Rooster Teeth allows a company like Goodsmile or Bandai to make figures for RWBY in the future. 

Size Comparisons: 

All these pictures are taken by me from my personal collection. 

All of these figures are available from the official store on


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