Mysticons Episode 11 Review

Mysticons Episode 11 Review

Mysticons Episode 11: “A Girl and Her Glumlump” Review 
By. Andrew

It’s Piper’s 110th birthday and she wants a pet! What could possibly go wrong?

In this episode, Piper gets a pet Glumlump from a seedy pet store in a dark alley. Again, what could possible go wrong? The creature seems harmless at first, but becomes a big problem once it comes in contact with magic. Every time it gets magic, it multiplies! Now it’s up to the Mysticons to get these squishy creatures out of their base before it becomes overrun! 

Let’s start with the first big reveal of the episode: Piper has been alive for 110 years. In most fantasy stories, Elves have been known to live incredibly long lifespans, but I did not expect Piper to be around that long. Since she looks and acts like a child, I wonder how many years it would take her to be an “adult?” Knowing she has been around so long, I would love to know what her life was like way before the others were even born! 

I thought it was a fun idea to have these little creatures cause so many problems for the Mysticons. It was a good change of pace from more intimidating villains. That being said, this was a filler episode by any account. While filler can sometimes be the best part of a show, I thought this one was fairly basic and a little pointless.

I always love a good Piper centric episode, but these gross creatures got on my nerves fast, even more so when they multiplied. They were also a little confusing, power wise, which I will explain in my spoiler discussion below the final score. 

One thing I really did not love about this episode was Gawayne. I always hated this guy, so having him as prominent as he is here just did not work for me. 

I know I sound like I hated this episode, but it wasn’t a bad episode by any means, just a throwaway one that added nothing major to the series. I think the placement of this episode in the lineup was the worst part. Putting this fun filler right after two plot heavy episodes really took away from my excitement for the story progression. There isn’t too much to say about this episode, like there is for the previous ones. Let’s just hope that next week goes back to focusing on the plot.

Score: 4/10 

Spoiler Discussion: 
So the creatures absorb magic, but when they are thrown into another realm, the magic goes back? Shouldn’t that cause the multiplied creatures to disappear? I know I am reading way too much into this, but it really did bug me! 

On a positive note, I thought it was cute that the episode ends showing Piper visiting the portal to see the creatures once in awhile. She is so cute and innocent, I can’t imagine her not being everyone’s favorite Mysticon! 


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