Ducktales Episode 6 Review 

Ducktales Episode 6 Review 

Ducktales Episode 6: “The House of the Lucky Gander” Review
By. Andrew

This week’s episode takes us to a Chinese casino and introduces Gladstone Gander, a cousin of Donald’s whom he grew up with. The big question: is this episode as good as getting Lucky 7’s? 

The episode begins with the whole team (minus Beakley and Lena) going to see a rare golden cricket, but getting detoured to the city of Macaw to visit the boy’s’ Uncle Gander at a casino resort. It was great to see Donald and Scrooge again, as they haven’t been around at all in the past few episodes. Launchpad was only in the beginning and the end, but his end joke was hysterical and a great payoff. After Launchpad leaves, the remaining team heads into the casino, where they meet Gander, a high roller with an incredible lucky streak and dripping with charisma.

 Throughout the episode, the team goes around the casino trying out the many offerings, while Scrooge reluctantly goes along despite just wanting to leave and find the Golden Cricket. As they go around, things start to appear a little off, as does Gander. What ends up happening actually came as a surprise to me so I won’t spoil it or the climax. 

While I know I said last week’s episode was my favorite, but wow this episode really takes the cake for me. I’m going to stop saying it’s my favorite, since I’m sure this show will continue to improve upon itself constantly going forward, but I will say this was such a good episode. I absolutely love casino settings in shows and movies. The lights, the sounds, the excitement, and the ripeness for adventure, just make it such a great location. Not to mention how utterly gorgeous the animation and design was for this particular casino, using a Chinese temple theme. 

Every character had their own idea of fun in the casino, which leads to so many funny moments, my personal favorite being Webby when she dunks her head back into the buffet’s chocolate fountain! It was also great seeing so many characters in one episode, but separated into their own situations. For a while, Donald and Dewey are alone with Gander while Scrooge is with Webby, Louie, and Huey. 

I also really loved the owner of the casino, who keeps trying to lure Scrooge into the amenities and probably to spend some of his cash on the games. He becomes especially interesting at the end, as does the entire setting from a visual standpoint, but I won’t spoil that. 

The standout, unsurprisingly, was Gander. Gander is this charismatic guy that grabs your attention every time he is on screen. He’s the uncle you all wish you had, and the boys are just eating that up. He’s also the friend or relative that was always better than you, which is where Donald matches up with him. I really hope we get plenty more of this guy in the future, because he would be a welcome addition to the cast. 

As far as flaws, I really have none. I would love to know what Launchpad was doing the whole episode, as that sounded ridiculously interesting! I could say that this was another filler episode, but who cares when the filler in this show is so entertaining and fun?

Overall, I found this to be an extremely entertaining and hilarious episode with the same high quality writing, acting, and visuals we have come to expect from this series. I absolutely loved this episode and can not recommend it, and the series as a whole, enough. But seriously, make a comic or short video showing what Launchpad was doing. Please. 

Score: 10/10
Disclaimer: me giving an episode a perfect score should not be compared to giving a movie a perfect score. The episode itself is, by my opinion, a perfect episode for the series and should be considered one of the best to date, but should not be compared to a lower scored movie. 


2 thoughts on “Ducktales Episode 6 Review 

  1. “Dewey Junior, you’re coming home with us. Oh, and I already named him. Oh, and I’m already super emotionally-attached!”

    Dewey, you little sneak.

    I think it’s good that this series is establishing that Launchpad has a life outside of being Scrooge’s pilot. 80’s Launchpad once spent two years as a masked vigilante’s sidekick, so he clearly gets around.

    Weirdly, I think the wonky, rearranged episode order made Scrooge’s part in this episode even funnier than it was before. Scrooge waited several episodes to be included in an adventure again, and it wound up being totally lame for him.


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