A Look at the Upcoming Mysticons Toys  

A Look at the Upcoming Mysticons Toys  

We finally got a look at some of the Mysticons merchandise set to release on some undisclosed future date. Here is a link to the official ad for some of these toys.
Now, I’ll be taking a closer look at the official images from the Playmates website. 
First, a PDF file that I expect to be the paper pamphlet included in every toy:

Most of these have more close up images that I will show later, but here we have a picture of Tazma, who currently is not shown on the website in any other format. Also, it’s interesting to note that Topps cards will be included with every figure, making me question if we will get trading card packs or not. Not much to note on the second image, besides the app. The Mysticons Instagram account recently showed off a trailer for the Mysticons app, which will be an adventure/RPG. More details on that coming up. 

Next, the basic figures. 

Sorry for the blurry screenshots!

Here is the basic Arkayna figure. From what I can tell, she is going to be pretty well articulated, and looks much more like an action figure than a doll, which is very good. The face looks a little strange in the trailer, so I would keep an eye on the paint jobs once they hit shelves. It’s also great to see the dragon bracelet accessory, and a mini version of the codex’s dragon power! Assuming this runs for $8-$10, this looks like a solid figure. 

The rest are about the same, with the same amount of accessories, besides Em, who has both her sword and shield. I will say that there are some design flaws that I’m noticing with these. Piper has one ring, but she usually has at least two. It was probably reduced to cover costs. Also, her hair is one color and does not have the gold clasps, which could have easily been painted on. Hopefully that is fixed in the final product. 

Next up, the Deluxe Figures:

These are likely going to be a bit larger than the other figures, and be a bit higher in price, maybe $15-$20. These figures feature a “light up” feature on their stomachs. They don’t seem any more detailed, and have less accessories. This may appeal to little kids looking for interactive toys, but I’ll definitely pass on these two. Oh yeah, only Zarya and Arkayna are currently getting the “Deluxe” treatment.

Next, the “Griffin and Figure” sets: 

Once again, only Zarya and Arkayna are currently featured in this capacity. These sets appear to be the exact same figures as the basic ones, but exclude the small clear figures and include the girls’ respective griffins. The detail appears to be great on these griffins. I love that the armor can be removed, allowing for action and casual poses. Maybe we’ll get some casual Mysticons in the future? It’s also worth noting that the description says the cards will have codes that work in the app. A good marketing stunt that is commonly done these days. 

Finally, the Choko plush. 

Not much to say here. If it’s soft and cheap, I’ll get it. 

I actually managed to get a look at a few of the figures at New York Comic Con at the Topps booth. It was hard to get a good look at the Griffin set on display, but it looked about the same as the images. Choko was also there, and looked pretty adorable! 

I also got my hands on two Arkayna cards! 

As far as I can tell, these cards are not exclusive at all, besides the fact that it says it is on the back. I’m pretty disappointed that the card does not have any form of code for the upcoming app, and has the same design as the one that will be with the Arkayna figure. It was free, so I can’t complain too much! The Topps booth actually had some cool celebrities for their other properties doing signatures and such, so it would have been cool to get one of the voice actress’ there, but I understand that schedules can be tight. 

So, overall, I am pretty enthusiastic about these toys for a show that I am very enthusiastic about! Assuming the price is right, and they look as good as these images make them out to, I think we’ve got some great toys on the way! Hopefully, they come out before the holidays and sell well as gifts. I also hope the app turns out good, so that there is more encouragement to purchase the figures with codes. I also hope we get trading cards in the future! I will be buying at least one of these figures (Piper) and, if it’s good, I’ll likely buy the four girls in some capacity. Expect reviews as soon as they’re purchased! 

All images belong to Playmatestoys.com, with the exception of my cards. 


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