Ducktales (2017) Episodes 2 & 3 Review 

Ducktales (2017) Episodes 2 & 3 Review 

Ducktales (2017) Episode 2 and 3 Review 
By. Andrew 

After seeing the absolutely hilarious and awesome pilot episode back in August, I have been dying to see more from this rebooted Ducktales show on Disney XD. Does the show hold up so far?

[Since both episodes aired the same day, I will be writing reviews for both here] 

Episode 2: The Daytrip of Doom!

Episode 2 starts up with Scrooge realizing just what he’s gotten himself into by letting Donald and the boys live in his mansion. After enough trouble, he decides to lay down some ground rules: stay away from his personal stuff, and do whatever Mrs. Beakley says. Looking to have some fun, the boys decide to go with Webby to Funso’s Funzone, basically the Chuck E. Cheese of Ducktales. When the Beagle Boys catch wind of the boys relation to Scrooge, they attempt to capture them and ransom them off for Scrooge’s money. 

This episode was so much fun, especially since it focused on Webby, who was one of my favorite parts of the pilot. Webby has been isolated her whole life, so it makes for great comedic moments when she is completely clueless about such simple things. The bus scene was absolutely hysterical! My favorite part of the episode was definitely the second half, when Webby and the boys have to fight the Beagle Boys in Funso’s. It was a ton of fun and just what you would want from this show. 

There really isn’t too much to say about the episode, since it was pretty straightforward and just a fun little plot. It doesn’t necessarily push the story forward, so it could be considered filler, but I’m not sure how much focus this show will have on a real story. There’s nothing wrong with the episode, but also nothing that wowed me. 

Score: 9/10 
Episode 3: The Great Dime Chase

Episode 3 really ramps things up for the show. After seeing how lazy and spoiled Louie has become, Scrooge decides to drag him to his office, the money bin, to see what it’s like to work for a living. At the same time, Dewey and Webby go to the money bin to learn more about the boy’s mother: Della Duck. After that huge reveal of the boys having a mother at the end of the pilot, I am so happy to see the show addressing that right away (looking at you, Tangled…). This episode was really fun too, but also pushed the story forward in a way that makes me very excited for the future. While Louie was having your typical Ducktales adventure with an evil robot and a chase for a coin, Dewey and Webby had to deal with a psychotic librarian as they uncovered the secrets of Della Duck. 

One of my favorite elements of this episode was the location. The Money Bin is not just a big box of gold, it’s also a bustling office building for Scrooge’s company. His inventor employee, Gyro, was so funny with his rudeness towards those unwilling to accept his inventions. I also thought his list of evil and good inventions was hysterical!

One thing I found particularly strange was the lack of Huey. I mean, I don’t think they mentioned him once! I’m not saying it’s a flaw though, I actually think it’s cool that the show is willing to focus on specific characters rather than feel the need to include everyone all the time. With that in mind, I think it would be cool to get episodes focusing on just Scrooge and Donald! 

Overall, this was a perfect episode by my standards. It was just what I wanted: super fun and pushed the interesting plot forward. I can’t wait for more of this show and I highly recommend everyone watch it! 

Score: 10/10 
[PS: According to Wikipedia, the episodes chronological order was reversed from what was aired. Being that “The Daytrip of Doom” was a filler episode and does not need to be in a specific location, it shouldn’t be an issue, but I reviewed them in airing order.] 


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