Mysticons Episode 5 Review

Mysticons Episode 5 Review

Mysticons Episode 5: “An Eye for an Eye” Review
By. Andrew

I’m starting to see the pattern, maybe every other episode involves a codex? Despite not involving one, this episode focuses on a specific character: Zarya, the rebel of the team. But is it as fantabular as the last episode?

The episode opens to Zarya and Piper showing Em and Arkayna the undercity, where the two grew up. The undercity was this very cool slum town with shady figures and slimy food vendors. The set mostly focused on a scene right by a food vendor that Zarya loved, which is run by a creature who cooks his… snot balls? The food had the likeness of Japanese Dango, but certainly not as appetizing. I really liked this new setting, but I would have loved more from it. Every scene takes place by the vendor, besides a brief one by a dwarf statue, so we don’t really see much of this undercity. I’ve always loved the seedy underbelly of towns in film and literature such as the lower levels of Coruscant in Star Wars, so this setting really appealed to my interests.

In the city, there’s this bully who apparently has bad history with Zarya, leading her to seek revenge using her powers. I found this pretty interesting because she acted so mature about her powers when scolding Piper in the last episode. Though revenge does seem to fit her personality overall. It would seem she takes the role of being a hero seriously, but does not mind using the power for her own benefit when she needs to. Even more ironic was that Arkayna scolded her for this, even though she used her powers a few episodes ago to show off at a party and overshadow her step brother! I think it would have been much cooler and interesting if Arkayna mentioned her previous actions when scolding Zarya, just to show how it backfired for her in the end.

Zarya decides not to use her powers, but to instead try using Arkayna’s Dragon Codex. She finds a spell that lets her get revenge on the people on her “list.” These people include the bully, Mathis, and even Arkayna for her “annoying hair flicks.” Immature as she may be, the spellbook creates this very cool looking beast that goes out and gets revenge for her. While I thought it was cool to see such a fascinating concept, I thought it was weird that the beast only harmlessly pranked Mathis and tried to attack Arkayna. It was a little inconsistent, but I can see why the creators wouldn’t have made the beast kill someone. The reveal of what the beast was is actually pretty unexpected and made for a great climax fight.

Also, as a minor side note, I would love a more in-depth view of their lair, since we only get glimpses throughout the episodes. I would also like to know where Arkayna lives, since this episode showed her writing her diary on the balcony of the castle. Does she live with the Mysticons or with her brother? I guess she goes back and forth to prevent suspicion, but I would like to be told at some point just to eliminate confusion.

In the end, this was a really solid episode, just like the previous one. Not relying on any of the recurring villains and instead using a one-off was a great choice and made for a very character centric episode. Zarya really grew in this, as did Arkayna as a leader and a role model. I loved the new locations, none of the more grating characters were present (at least not for long) and the new faces were pretty creative. The action was also better than usual, not using any obvious CGI like many of the fight scenes have in previous episodes. I can’t wait for more, as always. Until the next Magic Hour, good bye!

Score: 8/10


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