Mysticons Episode 4 Review

Mysticons Episode 4 Review

Mysticon Episode 4: “The Mysticon Kid” Review
By. Andrew

An episode focusing on Piper? How fantabular can it possibly get!? But is it as fantabular is I expect it to be? 

The episode opens to the Dragon Disk giving them a riddle as well as a deadly test to see if they can… handle the next map? I mean, if they failed, the Disk just killed the only means of saving the world? Whatever it’s exciting and Piper indirectly solves the riddle. After learning the next codex is located where a shopping mall is, the girls set out to the mall. The episode has a recurring plot about Doug and his interest in “Twinkly Mares.” These are basically My Little Pony for Mysticons. This, alongside previous examples, shows a definite feminine side to Doug that Malvaron clearly does not understand or seem to respect. It seems like the show is playing this more for laughs than anything else, but with Loud House being a very progressive Nick show, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to take that to another level. All that being said, I thought the entire subplot was kind of dumb, and took away from the episode overall. 

What really made this story shine was the focus on Piper! And no, I don’t just say that because I’ve loved her since episode 1. Piper is very childish and wild compared to the other Mysticons, which becomes the running theme. Her imaginative and free nature allows her to solve problems and be incredibly useful to the team, but not everyone realizes that yet, specifically Zarya. Seeing Zarya really take up the role of a Mysticon was cool to see, she’s clearly growing from the street rat we saw in episode 1. We also got some insight into her relationship with Piper, that being she isn’t as patient as we would have expected from what seems to be a long friendship. 

The shopping mall was a pretty cool location for the episode, being very modern yet with a goblin mall cop and being built over an ancient city. 

One thing I really did like about the episode was the use of all three previously debuted villains. Early on in the episode they fight Kymrah and her orcs, but the episode ends with a fight against Dreadbane and Tazma. Tazma, by the way, is so damn cool and I can’t wait to get more from her as a great villain. 

The episode isn’t perfect, having the dumb sublot of the ponies, and I basically dislike Doug in general, but overall I’d say this is probably my favorite episode yet. I could definitely be biased towards a Piper centric episode, but I feel like I enjoyed this one the most. There’s great action scenes, good character moments, a cool location, great villains show up, and we move the story forward with another Codex being found.


I know I’ve said this in every review, but this Mysticons show is just working in spades for me, I love it. I’ve seen people complain about the animation, but I see it more as a unique art style choice, and I like it for the most part. I do really recommend giving this show a try if you haven’t already! 

Score: 8/10


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