Mysticons Episode 3 Review

Mysticons Episode 3 Review

Mysticons Episode 3: “The Coronation”

By. Andrew

Episode 3 proves my theory of the next few episodes focusing on each girl wrong, when it instead focuses on the coronation of my least favorite character: Gawayne the Great. Let’s see if it’s any good, despite my preconceived notions. 

The episode starts with Arkayna using her powers to decorate their new home base: the underground castle buried under 2 other castles. Yep, after one sunk, they built another, and once that sunk, they built another. Monty Python reference? Yes please! The whole kingdom is abuzz now because of a huge party hosted by Gawayne to celebrate his coronation. For those who forgot, Gawayne is next in line to be King of Drake City now that the King and Queen were turned to stone by Dreadbane. When I said the whole kingdom, I really mean the whole kingdom besides Arkayna, who was not invited as a way to bug her. To get revenge, Arkayna decides to use her powers to crash the party and be the center of attention, much to Gawayne’s humiliation. At the same time, a plot to capture the king is underway by the hands of a band of Orcs. 

Despite my anticipation for another character centric episode being dashed, I was actually very happy with this episode. This episode mostly focused on Arkayna’s development again, this time more about her maturity than her selfishness. Arkayna’s jealousy and need to get revenge on her step brother leads her to abuse her powers just to show off and embarrass Gawayne. Everyone is drawn to her spells and tricks, especially when she uses her new dragon gauntlet. The consequences for her actions are apparent, the most dangerous being that she can only use the dragon gauntlet once a day. Having wasted it at the party, the climax battle becomes that much more difficult to win for the girls. 

Gawayne was… annoying, of course. That being said, he was tolerable this time around. I liked seeing him beg for attention as no one even looks at him during his own party. I also found it pretty funny that he admits to having zero body strength and no will to climb a rope. He is the opposite of king material, and that is bound to lead to problems in the future for this kingdom. 

This episode introduced another fantasy race into the Mysticon universe: Orcs. This was a prime example of how cool this fantasy/modern universe is. The orcs act as they would in fantasy stories, even speaking Orcish, but they also ride flying motorcycles. They’re a biker gang, and I thought that was pretty creative! It reminded my a lot of Warhammer 40k. This episode also showed how a typical royal coronation can be combined with a modern style dance party, which was pretty fun to see.  

Character designs were at an all time high this episode, with each girl getting beautiful dresses for the party, and Gawayne having a party outfit as ridiculous as he is. Not a huge fan of the big dumb orc woman, but you can’t win them all. 

As far as flaws in the episode, I will remind you once again that I’m really not into the 3D animated models in the final fight scene. They, like the opening of the pilot, just look strange and unfitting in the 2D animated world. Also, being the first few episodes, I think the show should give all the girls more time rather than focus on one for two episodes straight. Piper, my favorite, seems to be getting barely any screen time and even less dialogue! I’m sure everyone will get their time very soon, but I find it hard to be a fan of anyone besides Arkayna right now. I complained in the first episode’s review about the show having incompetent male characters, but I held out hope that Malvaron would be different. He was cool enough in episode 2, but I was really not a fan of him this time. Fart jokes are never funny. 

This was another solid episode, much to my surprise. Mysticons is killing it so far, and I’m dying for more! I love this world, I love these characters, and I love this show! Let’s just hold out hope that Mysticons continues to deliver and give us a great first season! 
Score: 6.5/10


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