Mysticons Episode 2 Review

Mysticons Episode 2 Review

Mysticons Episode 2: “How to Train a Mysticon”
By. Andrew

After being so pleasantly surprised by episode one, I decided to make a mini review for each episode of Mysticons. Was the pilot just beginner’s luck? Let’s discuss episode 2! 

Disclaimer: I will not spoil the episode being discussed, but I will be discussing plot points and spoilers from previous episode(s). If you plan to watch the show (which I highly recommend) and you don’t want spoilers, watch episode one before reading this!

Episode 2 starts with a battle scene between Arkayna and Baron Dreadbane. It’s quickly revealed to be a nightmare when things go pretty badly for our heroine. I really loved opening the episode this way, it showed how Arkayna is afraid that she failed her mother and fears that she may continue to fail as the leader of the Mysticons. As discussed in episode one, Malvaron brings the girls to the Astromancers, an organization of mages who have helped Mysticons for generations. I loved how Malvaron warns the girls early on not to trust these people, because they may be corrupt. This was a great way to add mystery and suspense to the “training episode” of the show. Now, while the girls are training, viewers can also try and figure out who may be corrupt. At the same time, the girls need to be cautious around the people who should be helping them. This leads to my first minor gripe with the episode; the girls aren’t very good at hiding their identities. Arkayna mentions having experience with Griffins, Zarya mentions Arkayna’s parents being the King and Queen, etc. I would consider this more of a nitpick, since it doesn’t seem to bite them in the butt, it’s more of an overlooked detail by the writers. 

Being a training episode, many would assume this is an episode full of clichés and your usual team bonding exercises. In reality, the training is actually pretty quick! I would hope that, in the future, the girls are not suddenly experts in fighting after this, since the training was very brief and limited to Griffin riding and carrying buckets of water up a long staircase. For whatever reason, this reminded me of Goku’s training in Dragon Ball, carrying the heavy turtle shell on his back to increase strength. 

Once the girls finally unlock the Dragon Disk and receive their first riddle, they head out to find one of the Codex’s which will allow them to be even stronger and reach their full potentials. I’m assuming this will be the focus of the following episodes until they each find their respective codexes, and I think that is a great way to see episodes that focus on a specific girl early on. This episode was about Arkayna, and she developed more as a character by the end of it. 

Without spoiling, I really liked the twist and reveal of who the traitor was. I always love when a show hits you with a bait and switch reveal. 

Besides my nitpick earlier, I would say there are just a few flaws in this. One was that Arkayna had a dispute with their trainer, Tazma, about how selfish she acts. This is resolved almost immediately after being disputed. I hope she continues to suffer from selfishness overtime, so that she has a character flaw that she can work to overcome as she develops. Also, the episode’s climax was another fight on top of monorail cars. It was fun, exciting, and showed off some very cool new shadow villains that will make for great Mysticon fodder in future episodes! My only issue is that it’s the second time in two episodes that we’ve seen a climax on the top of monorails! Assuming this isn’t a lazy trend, I’ll give a pass to this since it was still an exciting fight scene. Oh and, barely any of Best Girl Piper. It’s Arkayna’s episode yeah, but I need more Piper in my life. I’m kidding, of course, but I do actually want to see more about Zarya and Piper’s lives as street rats, I hope it’s very interesting! 

Beyond that, I really don’t have any other issues with this episode. It was a great continuation of episode one, and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! Mysticons is 2 for 2 right now and I’m chomping at the bit for more. I am just loving these badass girls saving this fantasy/futuristic world and I can’t wait to learn more about this world’s lore and scenery! 



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