Lego Review: 70606 “Spinjitzu Training”

Lego Review: 70606 “Spinjitzu Training”

Lego 70606 “Spinjitzu Training” review

By. Andrew

First Lego review!! I meant to do a few beforehand but I was having issues taking focused pictures with my camera. I ended up using my phone, so I hope they came out at least decently. 

Spinjitzu Training is my first set based off the upcoming Lego Ninjago Movie (soooo hype). This is not, however, my first Ninjago set. I am a huge fan of both the sets and the Cartoon Network series, so this movie and these sets have a LOT to live up to in my eyes. 

Let’s start with Kai:

The new Kai figure is absolutely perfect. His new suit looks awesome, his weapon sheath is not new but great nonetheless. His face looks very similar to the original face, but with a smaller scar and a bandage on his forehead. He also has a double sided face, which is a first as far as I know. The mask looks great altogether, but the separated mouth cover is strange and unnecessary. It looks terrible without the hood, so all it does is make more work for you whenever you want to remove the headpieces. Besides that, this figure is an excellent addition to the Kai lineup. 

Kai: 10/10

Now onto Zane:

Zane was always my favorite ninja in the show, until he became fully metallic (I’ll save that for a future review of the series). This figure is back to the yellow face, but he is very clearly a robot here, and I dislike that. He just looks like an idiot, for lack of a better word. His big goofy smile, his bright blue eyes, I’m just not on board yet with him. He’s probably the character I am most cautious about going into the new movie, because it really looks like he’s going to be used for comedic purposes only. The figure itself is good, but not as cool as Kai. The mask makes his eyes look a lot cooler, I will say that. The choice to make his weapon a bow instead of shurikens makes sense, but they’re both not very fun when it comes to playing with them. Shurikens are cool in the show, but as a toy they’re just little spikes in his hand. The bow is the same way. However, I do like the idea of him using a bow now, it’s fine with me. 

Zane: 5/10

Now for the set itself:

It’s good, not great. Visually, it’s very cool to display. Play wise, it’s sorely lacking in just about every way. There are zero action features. I’m fine with that since I don’t really use those features, but kids are going to want those. The Garmadon training dummy is a fun feature, using a bump on the bottom to let it wobbly constantly like those inflatable toys. The helmet can also be worn by any minifigure for some extra Samurai fun. 

The sword sheath is pointless, and a waste of space and pieces. There was no need for 2 more swords, and Zane can’t even use that sheath. It’s the sheath made for the Movie TMNT Leonardo, so there’s a pin intended for going into Leo’s shell. The “combat training station” (according to is pretty terrible. I’ve seen this in shows like TMNT, Arrow, and some anime, so I know they’re supposed to spin when struck. This piece is completely static, and is just for posing your ninja hitting it. I know I have more of these from the Nickelodeon TMNT lair that do spin, so this is just laziness on Lego’s part. The wall with a scroll makes for a fun backdrop, I love the look of the scroll itself. You can’t play with any of it, besides the two extra weapons, but it’s a cool design. 

The two included weapons are fine, but I think the tips are more fun without the sticks. 

Build: 7/10

As far as price, this set is $9.99 in the US, which I feel is a very fair price for this set. For the two figures and the weapons, I think $9.99 is a good price to pay. That being said, I do feel other $9.99 sets are better, such as “The Vermillion Attack” which is based on the current season of Ninjago. 

Price: 9/10

Overall, this is a great way to get two of the main characters. It is cheap, small, and gets the job done. You won’t have too much fun with this set alone, but it will serve its purpose to get you those ninja. If you are just looking to get the main cast, I think Destiny’s Bounty is your best option. For $160 you’ll have every ninja, and Master Wu, and a great looking build. This was more of an impulse buy for me, since it was so cheap. If you don’t plan to get the Bounty, go for this set.

Final Score: 7/10

Now, just for fun, let’s see how the new Ninja compare to the originals. 

Here’s first wave Kai next to the new Movie Kai. You can see how detailing has gone up tremendously since Ninjago’s debut. For nostalgic purposes, I have to give the original the upper hand, but I love them both so much. That sword crushes anything I’ve seen in the new movie, it is just a brilliant design. 

“Kai vs. Kai!”

“Passing the Torch with Pride”

Now for Zane and Movie Zane. First, the shurikens, which look cool but cannot really be played with at all without a lot of imagination. You can see that this Zane was before he went fully robotic, so he can pass as a human still. I think that looks better, since it’s more subtle and pushes the idea that “I’m the same just different.” 

“A Calculated Duel.”

Yeah, the original Zane dominated the new one for me, I just love the original look. Maybe it’s the cheesy smile that just kills me on the new guy. 


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